Business Accelerator

Limited spots available

I see you.

You’re looking for a business model that suits you so you can create phenomenal offers and effortlessly attract the right people to you.

You long to start earning now, be more present for your clients and customers, and make the difference you’re here to make.

You desire a sustainable long-term process to sell the right way, get solid results, and grow your expertise so you always have more to give.

You’re an online coach or consultant with some momentum and a general idea of what you’re doing, but no clue how to execute the finer details in your business.

You know you have vast potential within you.

“We’ve managed to go from 5-figure business to 6-figure business and that’s totally awesome!”

Karla & Ania

creative duo at shablon.pl

I mean, profitable launches? Successful email campaigns? Marketing the right way? Building a magnetic, cohesive brand?

You’re frustrated because you want fast, repeatable results, but you’re not getting them. You’re tired of living in survival mode, losing motivation, doubting yourself, and struggling to elevate your game.

You’re tired of feeling like you don’t have all the answers and everyone else is doing it so much better than you, so why not give up now since you’ll never crack the magic code anyway?

I see you

I was you.

And I can help you.

Limited spots available

What if you invest in yourself, get fast results, and build a sustainable business you love?

What if you discover the business model that sets your synapses on fire as you create the spectacular offers that attract your dream clients?

What if you master the finer details like successful launches, persuasive email campaigns, killer marketing, and magnetic, cohesive branding?

What’s possible for you then?

A boatload of impact, influence, income, and fun.

This isn’t a get
rich quick scheme.

It’s not a slick proposal to abandon your ethics and scare people into working with you by any means necessary.

This is your invitation to


Business Accelerator

my business program that teaches you all the bits and pieces to build a successful business: your values, vision, mission, branding, marketing, and so much more.

Limited spots available

But what if you have

little to no experience?
a handful of online followers?
sprinkling of business knowledge?

None of that matters.

What does matter is your opportunity to learn a step-by-step process to amplify your impact, influence, and income.
Do you want to keep struggling on your own, or do you want to accelerate your progress?


Gives you a blueprint to attract online clients, sell with ease, and deliver unforgettable results.
You’ll experience financial abundance, the high energy to serve your people, and the joy of running your business the right way.
You’ll finally live, create, and play from your sweet spot and have a freaking good time doing it.

It’s time to see yourself as a leader
with a tonne to offer your ideal clients and customers.

You’re a leader
on a mission.

to build a solid foundation and grow your value in a healthy, sustainable way. It’s crucial you think and act like a leader so you’re not fazed by obstacles, rejection, and failure. Owning your leadership is owning your attitude and doing what you need to do to thrive in your life and business. 

Don’t think you’re a leader?

You are.

How do I know?

Because I know what you want.

You’re a coach or consultant

because you care about incredible customer service, and this is your chance to learn how to deliver it.

Limited spots available

“I have seen positive results that would have taken me couple of years to achieve.”

Angel Mercer-Bland


You want to

See quick results, get immediate feedback, and deliver incredible value.

Position yourself as an authority, build a highly engaged audience, and get more online clients.

Be confident when you sell your coaching or consulting services and not feel pushy, sleazy, or inauthentic.

Build passive and semi-passive streams of income like courses, programs, and membership sites.

Have consistent $10K+ months doing what you love, helping others, and delivering on your brand promise every single time.

Attract premium clients who’re excited and ready to work with you because you clearly communicate your amazing value and expertise to them.

Be highly influential because you know it amplifies your impact and generosity.

Finally stop procrastinating, get stuff done, and make money without feeling like you must sell your soul to do it.

Sounds familiar?

Sure it does.

That’s the stirring of the leader in you.

But you can’t do it alone, and that’s why you’re still reading.

I’m here to support, equip, and teach you.

To shorten your learning curve and accelerate your growth. To show you the right way to build and enjoy your business so you don’t feel like giving up every other hour of every single day.

Limited spots available

What sets the best leaders apart?

They use marketing psychology to achieve their goals.

Their deluxe brands and programs scream outrageous self-confidence and phenomenal value because they know how to identify and satisfy the burning desires and urgent problems of their ideal clients.

They’re unapologetic about their premium prices because they deliver what they promise and make it all look effortless.

The best leaders live, create, and play from their sweet spot, and now you can too.

Limited spots available

Come learn how to leverage marketing psychology and craft a deluxe brand dripping with your special sauce.

Master the finer details of niching, creating content and offers, copywriting, growing your social media, marketing, sales, productivity systems, and more.

Build a bulletproof business that attracts your ideal clients, impacts their lives, and positions you as an authority people can trust.


Adriana Yelonek - testimonial

“This course was and still is one of the best things I’ve bought in my life. Really! Gave me the bases of marketing, branding, selling, good newsletter construction, and human relations.


It’s like a treasure. Difficult to find, but once you get it, you’re rich. Rich of knowledge, new information, helpful tips, and different ways of thinking.

I printed the whole course so I can check and refresh the information every time I need.”


Jewellery Designer

it goes down

Strong foundations

No matter if you’re on the beginning of your journey, growing or scaling, strong foundations are key to sustainable growth.

And just like with building those foundations move and often need to hold a lot of weight. It’s important to regularly check them. Sometimes they may need to be strenghtened before you move onto the next level.

Videos & Workbooks

One of our huge values is to honour various ways of learning.

Our psychological background allows us to deliver different formats of content for easier information absorption. No matter which channel is your preferred one when it comes to absorbing information, you’ll find something for yourself.

Real World Examples

We believe in practice over theory.

From the oldest times people learned by hearing stories. Think of a grandmother telling a grand daughter or grand son about her past. Think of teachers and history books. These all are stories in one way or another.

Thus in FF Lab we have those for you to. Whether it is our own journey with all its mistakes or our client’s. We want you to learn by seeing what to pay attention to.

Progress tracking

We believe success is a matter of being able to feel fulfilled. It comes in various forms and shapes. In business it’s easy to see progress, because numbers help you see it clearly.

Therefore we provide you with tools to track and measure specific areas of your business.

We also are super REAL and we know we all have busy lives. Thus each month we have a dedicated Implementation week so you can catch up.

Executable plans

Every business owner needs to work by continuously mixing three important areas: strong mindset, strategy and tactics.

We’re strong believers in being prepared for the most important parts (strong foundations) and letting the rest and curiosity fill in the gaps.

That’s why we provide you with planning ideas for your marketing and campaigns. We’re action and implementation biased.

Mental Resillience

As much as your business needs to have strong foundations, you need a strong mind. Life happens all the time.

And that means there’s always something that will be pulling you away from your goals.

And as much as you can’t change some things, you can learn to react in a way that doesn’t destroy you internally. We’re all about bio hacking and mental resillience for the most optimum way of being human.


“A few months into working with Axela, I am getting regularly booked by people who love my work and appreciate my skills and the service I offer.”

Aga Kowalska


your business

See what we’re serving inside the program.

Limited spots available


• Mindset: Abundant vs. Scarce (Rich vs. Poor),  Winner vs. Loser

• Your Mission & Your Big WHY

• Watch this IF: you are afraid to charge more or  talk about money (Crush Your Money Blocks)


• Introduction

• IDEAL CLIENTS – The Avatar (Profile): Demographics & Psychographics

• Fears, Objections, Preferences (Creative Industry  Example)

• Client’s Assumptions

• Types of customers, two perspectives: 

• Readiness to buy & to get results

• The Empathy Map

• The Client Project


• Intro To Branding

• Branding with purpose

• Your Brand Map

• Your Brand Mission & Values

• Verbal: Magnetic Brand Language

•  Visual: Logo + Fonts + Colours

• Psychology/Emotional Aspects Of Branding


• Three major online business models

• Choosing The Right Model For Your Personality &  Lifestyle

• Important tips & The Magic 3%


• Create an Offer From Scratch; Step-By-Step Process (Info Product, Course, Program,  Membership, 1-on-1 work)

• How To Improve an Existing Offer

• The key elements of an offer that brings real results

• Your Offer Portfolio

• Tools necessary for delivery of these offers/  automation


• Tools: what platforms to choose, what tools to use to save time and money

• Powerful content strategy

• 4-Step Sales Funnel

• LIST BUILDING – Why It’s Important To Have A  List + Additional. Options

• LIST BUILDING – The Flow + Tools To Use While  Building Your Lead Magnet

• LIST BUILDING – Types of lead magnets +  Examples

• LIST BUILDING – Strategies To Promote Your  Lead Magnet

• Numbers – What To Track


• Strategic: Content vs. Copywriting

• About Me Page That Sells

• Create Your Sales Page

• Best Practices To Create Conversions

• Powerful Words To Use To Strengthen Your Message

• Copywriting Rules To Sell Authentically and WIth  Integrity


• Sales & Strategy (Clarity Calls)

• Conversations Aim + Structure

• What To Pay Attention To When Screening Leads

• Personality Types Of Clients & How To Sell To Them

• The subconscious element of sales

• Helpful questions for your sales conversations

• Overcoming objections


• Your Signature Launch Process

(You’ll learn about two ways to launch)

• Build your own system for launching your offer based on your personality style and the amount of freedom you want




• Access to a secret Facebook Group

• Hot seats with personalised 1-on-1 coaching

• Regular check-ins in the group

• Call recordings


“We’ve managed to go from 5-figure business to 6-figure business and that’s totally awesome!”

Karla & Ania

creative duo at shablon.pl

This IS for you if you

Want support and proven strategies to accelerate your business growth and profits.

Are willing to show up and do the work to get solid results.

Want me to hold you accountable for implementing what you learn.

Desire to stop striving and start thriving in your business.

Enjoy learning in community, helping others, and being kind.

Are self-driven and don’t need handholding.

Are competitive with yourself and always want to give your best.

This ISN’T for you if

Want support and proven strategies to accelerate your business growth and profits.

Are so focused on manifesting what you want that you don’t do the work.

Are super tough on yourself and focused on making money even if it means trampling on other people.

Need handholding and expect me to do the work for you.

Don’t play well with others or enjoy learning in community.

Are convinced you know it all and don’t need my or anyone’s help.

Keep DYI-ing even though it no longer serves you.

There are thousands of coaches and consultants, but there’s only one you, and that is your superpower.
Once you have the right systems in place, you’ll get raving clients and customers because of your magnetic personality and the impeccable way you do business.

And that’s why you need Fearless Business Accelerator.

Learn the right systems, craft your deluxe brand and business, and enjoy incredible results.

Fearless Business Accelerator
IS your accelerator.

Ready to get started?

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