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Booking for February 2024

I see you


You often feel restless and feel the need to constantly be moving. You often feel that something is missing, you want “something more” and yet you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.


You long to find peace in the chaos. You despise politics and yearn to find meaning. You are driven by contribution.


You question your identity, job, relationships, and your role in society. You think a lot about the value of your work. 


You rarely reach to others. You often feel misunderstood. This makes you go into the “lone wolf” mode. 


You know you have a voice, a strong one to be exact.  You know you don’t need to find it. You already know how to roar. 


You have a strong drive towards fulfillment and desire peace of mind at the same time. And you wonder if it’s ever possible.


You’re looking to see what you can achieve on your own, without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and lonely.


You are smart, a high-achiever and long to create fulfilling results in your business, as well as your personal life. You want impact.


Since you remember, you rebelled against the social conditioning, and what is/was expected of you. 

You know it’s time to get supported and level up.

“We’ve managed to go from 5-figure business to 6-figure business and that’s totally awesome!”

Karla & Ania

creative duo at

You want support in transforming chaos
into purpose and

You’re frustrated because you see experts shouting various options from the rooftops. And yet, you know that you want to do business your way.

While courses give you lessons to follow, coaching works in a different way. We partner up to create exponential growth. Coaching works as a space container for you to focus on what feels right for you. As your coach I provide my own perspective and observations wherever contextually applicable.

We start by creating a bird’s eye view, then we map out a strategy that gets you to your desired results.


of my coaching approach


We both enter this partnership with trust in mind. I commit to supporting you. You commit to trusting the process and doing the work required to move forward. I trust you know your business best. I will never ask you to compromise on your values.  


You don’t need a higher number of members in your community to have an incredibly successful business. You need to be committed to quality service and providing value. This is what grows the community in a natural way. 


There’s no magic formula to growing and scaling a business. We create a unique strategy that works for you, your personality and your style of work. Imperfect action is an essential part of growth. Part of it will feel uncomfortable. 

“I have seen positive results that would have taken me couple of years to achieve.”

Angel Mercer-Bland

This is your invitation to

Stop Wandering
Start Transforming

“A few months into working with Axela, I am getting regularly booked by people who love my work and appreciate my skills and the service I offer.”

Aga Kowalska




Actively listen and understand what your personal vision of success looks like.

Not to teach, but help you transform your life and business beyond what you thought is possible.

Adhere to a stable code of ethics and conduct in adherence to ICFs code of conduct (I got certified with accreditation of an ICF).

Include a pinch of fun into the process, so it feels exciting!

Provide an absolutely no-bs approach with a holistic, multidisciplinary view of your business growth.

I am excited that you’re interested in working with me. I can’t wait to learn more about your business and growth plans.

It’s important we’re a match, as trust is incredibly important in a coaching partnership.

During this call, you’ll have a chance to ask any questions and we’ll be able to see if we’re a good fit.

Ready to get support, clear strategy and tactics?

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