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Fearless Founders Lab is a community created for the world’s most courageous entrepreneurs and leaders.

It is also a collection of tools curated for a conscious audience who is at a breaking point and wants to up-level life & business. We want to inspire and encourage you to create a life in which you experience more personal freedom, meaning and joy.


We are not for everyone.

We are free thinkers, action takers, game changers and trailblazers who are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We are curious, courageous and forever students of life. We make a dance of contrasts. We are assertive and kind, bold and encouraging. We explore the unknown paths. We are fearless. We make our fears our fuel. We promote self-leadership. We listen, we learn, we inspire.   

Hi, I’m Axela – Fearless Founders Lab Founder

Before creating Fearless Founders Lab I was stuck in a job that looked amazing – on the outside. Prestigious Silicon Valley Tech company, a team, good salary, and yet, I felt like I was in a cage. I craved freedom, creativity, and not having to do what I didn’t believe in. I started taking on private clients, trained as a coach, supported many high performers and executives. This path changed me. I started feeling energized. With time I bundled all my experience from various industries and that’s how Fearless Founders Lab came to live.

Now, after a decade in marketing, branding, creative services, coaching, and leadership, I work with entrepreneurs who want to build a business that doesn’t only look good on the outside, but feels right on the inside.

I believe it is possible to create a highly profitable business without losing your authenthicity. With a strong focus on streamlining your business without losing touch with reality and your audience. I believe in business done with integrity,  holistic and multidisciplinary approach. I study and teach how biology and psychology impact human behaviors and their purchasing decisions.

My geeky side loves innovative, non-intrusive promotional and marketing techniques.

Most importantly I want every person I meet to feel inspired and energised to take action. To create business and life that makes them feel joy, fulfilment, and experience personal freedom. So together we can leave the world a better place.

Fearless Founders 

Human In The Centre

At both ends of a business relationship, there are humans: YOU as the service provider, HER at the other end. Understanding human psychology and building trust-based relationships are crucial. When you understand people, you understand business.


We believe at the base of every successful entrepreneur is self-leadership. Becoming congruent is key! We’ll be there when you stumble. We’ll show you new perspectives and ways. And we believe you got this! Self-care, personal growth, discipline and emotional health are your responsibility. Commitment, consistency, courage and competency lead to gaining confidence.

Relationship Based Automation

You can automate a lot in your business. One thing you can’t is relationships. We believe in a harmonious blend of authentic communication with your target audience and the usage of streamlining tools. You need time, funds and space to grow. All so you can work ON the business and not IN it. When you grow, your life, business and clients benefit.

Slow Down To Speed Up

Sustainable growth over huge bursts ending with burnout. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to slow down, go back to the drawing board and zoom out. Only then you’re able to see your reality from the birds’s eye perspective. When you’re on the inside, you only see what’s close to you. We teach you to fly high, so you are ready to see opportunities from far away.

Ready to become

Our Favourite Things


DIVI - THEME/Visual page builder

Since we switched, we never looked back. Divi is a fantastic theme, a framework with pre-made page layouts, drag & drop visual editor and fantastic marketing functionalities.


We love websites and we know sometimes you don’t actually need one to start selling. If you’re not
a website owner yet or want to add easy funnel creation to your business, we recommend Click Funnels. Try it free for 14-days.


Imagine suddenly losing access to your social media account, getting hacked or blocked. How do you communicate with your audience? The answer is: through your HQ, an email list that is;t subject to algorithms and is a perfect tool for relationship-based automation (one of our favourite business approaches).


Schedule, plan and design your social media content. We love Planoly tool. With its functions of grid design, story edits and product sales links, you can’t. go wrong.



We love the freedom of working from anywhere in the world. We also love unique places and people. Airbnb helps us find these two. Ready to go?


Some of us love 5* hotels, some like a cozy mountain cabin. Some love the wilderness and waking up at the cliff. Here we’re giving away £20 voucher for your first camper van rental.


We love our cars and driving. Sometimes we’re just not in a mood or don’t want to look for parking. Then we book a ride.


Hotels, rooms, apartments? All these and more can be found on a site we use the most often.

Health & beauty


Ergonomic kneeling chair improves your posture with an angled seat. It provides back support, helps to aid neck pain & works as a spine pain relief


We love supporting other entrepreneurs. Think your product rocks? Designed to support entrepreneurs? We’ll be happy to test it out and recommend if it meets our standards and we genunely believe it works. Clik the “Tell me why” button to let us know why it is worth for us to feature your product.


We like our work and we also like to keep very active. Sometimes that means we get some muscular pains and aches. We like to rock-n-roll with this amazing 2-in-1 foam roller.


We like to indulge in our green teas. One of our favourites is ceremonial grade Japenese matcha tea. It’s full of antioxidants. Plus 5% of the profits from this seller go to charity.

While we believe in sustainable growth and value-based long term business relationships, we know some of you want to learn in your own time. We have a curated selection of self-study courses and products.

Because sometimes you just a want a smaller bite to start with. These are great if you’re looking to work on yourself or just starting your entrepreneurial journey.

Think of these products as your appetisers. They are shorter and more digestible than our signature offers. And we know, sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Check out our Mini Lab

We’re going to let you onto a little secret – sometimes we just don’t feel like doing anything and then we think… Video is the closest thing we can offer you to sitting with us on the sofa. Axela covers topics such as: psychology in business, marketing, social media, brain science & personal performance, selling with integrity and many more.

Top 5 video lessons

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