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5 Must-Read Brainpower Books For Conscious Entrepreneurs

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If you’ve been following us for some time, you know what geeks we are when it comes to brain science, brainpower, neurosciences, and psychology. If you’re new here, warm welcome. You’re in for a treat!

In today’s post, you’ll see a selection of our favorite brainpower books that helped us transform our mental health and understanding of the hidden processes ruling most entrepreneurs. Those ones that some won’t feel comfortable even coming close to, as it requires vulnerability and courage to talk about.

Note from the founder

As a corporate employee, I always knew there’s something different about me. I followed the societal route for a long time before breaking mentally and realising I don’t fit any of the social moulds, and feel like an animal in a cage. There was a lot behind the scenes that was happening and my lifelong journey of finding who I am as a person lead me to go through tonnes of brain science, neurology and personal development books.

Entrepreneurs are a very special type of humans. We’re driven, often restless and our pasts are often tough. Being an entrepreneur requires a tremendous ability to adapt and transform. Break and create. This on its own uses incredibly high amounts of energy. A life filled with stress, anxiety, mental health challenges and pasts filled with instability creates a very specific set of desires. We crave stability, safety and freedom of creation, self-expression on one hand. On the other, we can’t ever stop. We function better when we move forward. Complacency is the last thing we think of. all this makes us more suited to experience and undertakes the road filled with multiple failures, trials and errors.

Having these difficult and challenging (often traumatic) experiences in mind, it is important to understand ourselves. Learning the way our brains and nervous systems work, how to emotionally regulate is the basis of a high functioning person. Being able to deal with stress and change effectively is crucial. The ability to shape our behaviors to support the decision-making processes is the building block of strong business foundations. And most of us don’t get taught how to do that. We are often living with overactive minds that don’t know how to use the immense power we possess.

This journey of self-discovery and forever being a student of life made me go through these brainpower books which I wholeheartedly encourage you to read. They’ll make you a better person, a more effective entrepreneur, a more empathetic communicator, and an appreciated leader.

Our top 5 brainpower books

We would love to learn which of these books did you find most helpful. Let us know in the comments below.

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I believe in business done with integrity. Hence I teach how psychology and human behaviours impact purchasing decisions.

My geeky side loves neuromarketing and neurosales based tools for innovative, non-intrusive promotional and marketing techniques.

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